Treccani Milano Bespoke Shoes For Man And Woman Handmade in Italy

  • Bachelor of Economics and Banking Science degree at Milano University
  • Did a twelve-year stint climbing the ranks of management sales roles in multinational corporations
  • Growing up among his family founded “sartoria”, Treccani was constantly surrounded by fabrics, designs, sketches, patterns and “sarti” (tailors).
  • With the lack of selection available in the retail market for bespoke items, he realized the potential that there was for a niche clientele who, like himself, respected the preservation, heritage and culture of Italian fashion.
  • A degree in Graphic and Package Design
  • She believes that the challenge of design lies in extracting each material’s beauty and finding purpose for the design features, based on behaviour and function of the material.
  •  Soon moved to Italy to expand her knowledge in the furniture design industry
  • Branicky then enrolled in Milan’s Fashion Design School and began to work at Treccani’s cousins fashion house

The Entrepreneur: Emanuele Treccani

The Designer: Nicole Branicky

Treccani Milano BeSpoke Shoes for Man and Woman Handmade in Italy | Treccani Milano Custom Dress Shoes in Toronto | BeSpoke Shoes for Man and Woman Handmade in Italy in Toronto

Treccani Milano was established in 2009 based on the mutual feeling between co-founders that the fashion industry was lacking selection for those with an appreciation and desire for the

Italian art of luxury handmade goods. 

We are committed to offering made to order craftsmanship and bespoke services that are 

the finest expression of luxury.​