Treccani Milano Bespoke shoes are created from the most luxurious materials. Our artisans in Italy create a custom wooden last specially made to fit only your feet. The last is drawn from your own foot measurements taken during the fitting. Clients can choose from a rich variety of leathers including traditional calf skin and exotic skins such alligator, ostrich, stingray, Shell Cordovan and many others.

The customization options are endless. We can provide monograms, leather or rubber sole, insert fabric of your choice to create matching shoes, increase your height, the possibility to insert orthotics, as well as use a non-metal shank. In terms of shoes style and design we can satisfy any request: brogues, cap-to, wing-tip, whole-cut, lace-up, slip-on, monks, booties, Oxford, derby ...  

Bespoke shoes are delivered in two stages: the first is a try-on pair delivered in 8-10 weeks, at this time the client has a second fitting to make sure everything is to your liking. Then the final shoes are delivered in about another 8-10 weeks. 

Made-to-Order shoes are created using existing lasts that fit your feet measurements. This last is not customized to your foot but is one we already have and then you can personalize the style of the shoe by choosing from a range of styles, leathers, colours, and sizes.