Where are the shoes made? All Treccani Milano shoes are handmade in Milan by Italian artisans.

How can I buy a gift card? You can buy our gift certificates in person, at our boutique or by emailing at BeSpoke@TreccaniMilano.com

How long does it take the fitting? It usually takes 45 to 60 minutes.

Do I need to bring something? Yes, wear (or bring) a pair of socks of the same thickness that you will  wear with the bespoke shoes.

I wear orthotics, can I have a pair of bespoke shoes? Yes! Bring your orthotics for the fitting, we need  than to send them to Milano to allow our artisans to create the necessary space into the shoes.

I have a foot longer than the other, is it a problem? No at all! With bespoke shoes, each foot will have  the proper shoe.

I travel a lot, can you send the shoes abroad? Yes, we ship worldwide.

Do you have shoes ready to buy at your location? Just few: we specialize in bespoke shoes. But we have a few shoes just in case they fit you properly and you like them, which you can buy at our boutique.

I have the leather, can you use it for my pair of shoes? We need to see it to make sure it is big enough,  the proper thickness and needs to be in perfect conditions (i.e. no cracks). 

Can you make bespoke high heels? No, we don't.

Can you make bespoke shoes for woman? Yes, of course.

Can you make custom leather colors? Yes, bring a sample during the fitting.